The Fourth Crusade : The Failure Of The Crusade

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According to Allen and Amt, a crusade “in its strictest sense, was a holy war called by the medieval papacy with the aim of gaining the Holy Land and, in particular, the city of Jerusalem.” This definition states that the goal of a crusade was to conquer a Holy Land. If that is the goal then in order to partake in a successful crusade one must fulfill that mission. In the case of the Fourth Crusade, which took place from 1202-1204, regaining control of Jerusalem was the objective at hand. The proclamation of a Fourth Crusade came from Pope Innocent III in 1198 when he became “determined to restore Christian control over the Holy Land.” The envoys even delivered a message to the Doge saying that they “have taken the sign of the cross to avenge the shame done to Jesus Christ, and to reconquer Jerusalem.” It was clear that the Fourth Crusade intended to capture Jerusalem. However, after years of battle, the Crusaders did not seize Jerusalem let alone reach it, leaving the Fourth Crusade to be considered a failure.
During the time that Pope Innocent III called for a fourth crusade, Jerusalem was under Muslim control. While Christian pilgrims were being allowed to enter the land, this was not enough for the Pope. The late twelfth century focused on the spread of Christianity to expand their territory. To do so, empires must push out Islam from all areas of power, including Jerusalem. The birthplace of Jesus, Jerusalem, has a tremendous significance to both Muslims and

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