The Freedom Of Speech Vs Free Speech

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Free speech with restrictions As a young child, we have all learned about our God given rights. We were taught to memorize our amendments and to know the meaning behind them. It is something we have been taught to not let anyone get in the way of. But lately in the news and media there have been some instances that have put all that in jeopardy for us Americans. There are people making bad decisions when showing others their opinions on campuses.In the article Hate speech vs Free speech:Where is the Line on College Campuses, written by Rosanna Xia it discusses the controversy of speakers coming to campuses and creating problems. The article Where is the Line on College Campuses, brings up the issue of how free speech is now becoming a problem for both students and staff on college campuses. There have been many riots and violent behaviors following certain speakers who have come to some colleges. This was all due to the fact that some of the subjects can really fire people up, and make them have a negative outlook on what is being said. These colleges are now unsure of how to proceed with allowing the freedom of speech to be represented on campus, simply for safety reasons. They don’t want to take or limit the students and staffs first amendment but these speakers are really causing an issue for them. Figuring out different ways to try and solve the problem without creating another one, is definitely a struggle. One idea that they had was to hold Q&A’s, because they

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