The French And Indian War

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Since the beginning of history, wars have been fought to gain territories, independence, or to fight against those who take away one’s rights. The French and Indian War was fought in North America over the Ohio Valley, however, it is much more than just a war to gain territory. This war opened doors to the colonists who decided that fighting for independence was something they were in need of doing. The French and Indian War was the portion of the Seven Year’s War that was fought in North America between Great Britain and France. Within every war there are winners and losers. There are never two winners in a war. With Great Britain’s anate ability to fight France overseas in the Atlantic Ocean was how they received their win in the French and Indian War. Although, Great Britain won the war while France lost, both of these countries had many positive and negative affects during and after the war. Once a country becomes thirsty for powerful, that country is willingly to do whatever it takes to win. After Great Britain heard that France was embarking on claiming the Ohio Valley as their own, due to the fertile ground of the American Midwest, they saw this as an opportunity for expansion and to stop the influence of French Catholics. In the Oxford Encyclopedia of the Modern World by Peter. N Stearns, he wrote about the raids France sent to interrupt the British control in the Ohio Valley, “Parties consisting of French regulars, militia, and Native American allies attacked
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