The French Of The American Revolution

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The French people felt justified in their use of violent and often deadly force to further the mission of the revolution. The circumstances surrounding the lowest social class differed little from their circumstances for hundreds of years prior. Most people inherited their class upon birth and never moved from it. The commoners occasionally felt some ripples from the top, but aside from administrative purposes they rarely dealt with the nobles. A relatively small group of the wealthy owned the most land and through the practice of feudalism, profited the most from the labor of the people on the land. The same nobles paid the least taxes. The monarchy borrowed extensive funds then hastily covered these loan payments with the lowest classes ' tax money. These loans covered elaborate lifestyles and wars, both which served only to highlight social extremes in the eyes of the people. Some unsettling additions to these usual occurrences goaded the people 's discomfort into rage. They relied on the nobility to keep the country running smoothly, and year after year the upper classes failed. The crown and therefore country crept closer to, and eventually reached, bankruptcy. Each year, the working classes felt this burden grow. Their population also grew. The poor majority of 1780s France lived vastly in rural areas of the country and often labored for the same people who rented property to them. The rest lived in crowded cities, worked menial jobs, and relied on food grown
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