The Function And The Structure Of The Brain Responsible For Psychopathy

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To understand the differences it is crucial to understand the function and the structure of the parts of the brain responsible for psychopathy. One of the two main parts of the brains that is crucial in this excursion is the amygdala. The amygdala abuts the anterior part of the hippocampus. It is located within the temporal lobe of the brain and takes on the shape of almond (Blair, 2008). Given that they are found on the temporal lobe, there is one on each side of the brain (Wright, 2016). This is the part of the brain that helps people respond instinctively when faced with life threating situations that would be considered to require survival techniques or skills as well as impulses. When one is faced with a threat, they experience fear and in response they prepare for the emergency. It is also the part of the brain that responsible for experiencing fear; sadness, anger, aggression and anxiety among other emotions as one interact with the environment (Blair, 2008). As such it is very important in emotional learning, such as understanding and experiencing emotions. In light of learning, when one is young, they are taught about avoiding hurting other people. Relative to emotional learning, people learn to mirror the emotions of the others around them and hence when another person is hurting the brain is able to interpret the same and internalize the emotion associative (Blair, 2008). In the case of the psychopaths, they are not able to internalize this effect of understanding

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