The Fundamental Purpose Of Newspeak In George Orwell's 1984

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The Fundamental Purpose of Newspeak in 1984 As the official language in George Orwell’s 1984, Newspeak with its unique linguistic style holds a dismal reputation. The interesting nature of Newspeak furtively invigorates a critical consequence to the mind of anyone who knows and speaks it natively. Characterized by a laconic and dynamic style, Newspeak contrives to consistently revive Doublethink or the action of mentally believing two contradictory ideas at once in order to inextricably possess the mind of its speakers. By dominating the psyche of its citizens, the colossal world of Oceania has been granted an everlasting existence that will be freed from inner threats of revolution or rebellion. The novel 1984 clearly illuminates the important function of Newspeak as it serves to construct the foundation for which Oceania depends upon. Above all, the objective role of Newspeak through the systematic manipulation of language is to reiterate the phenomenon of Doublethink in order to ultimately immortalize the totalitarian state of Oceania. The peculiarity of Newspeak is realized by the distinct linguistic characterization it carries. Unlike most other languages that expand and grow upon with the increment of new vocabulary, Newspeak unorthodoxly minimizes its lexicon by eliminating words that are deemed unnecessary. As a philologist who specializes in the language, Syme reveals to Winston Smith the current aim of Newspeak is in the action of

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