The Future Of Natural Gas And Crude Oil

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The Future of Natural Gas and Crude Oil

Throughout history, as well as present day, the usage of natural gas has played an immense role in our everyday life. However, over recent decades, the extraction and usage of natural gas has become a more frequent topic of debate. Even though extraction of natural gas and crude oil has been proven to boost the global economy, people still question weather these methods of extraction will ultimately destroy our planet. There is an abundance unconventional and conventional reservoirs of oil and gas under the surface, each with the potential to increase the production of both resources vastly. Advancements in engineering, such as hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling, have allowed us to take advantage of all aspects of these varying reservoirs. With this impending influx of resources, many regions will see an increase in production and consumption. Throughout this paper, we will discuss the current methods of extraction, the uses of natural gas both past and present, and the US export ban of crude oil. Finally, after reviewing the reasons behind the current low prices on energy, we can make projections for the future of natural gas.

Shale production and fracking methods have opened a whole world to the oil and gas industry. Just like the nuclear power, oil and “shale gas” are being used in wide varieties such as: vehicles and energy. Furthermore; natural gas and oil are used in a wider range than nuclear power. We need more

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