The Futurist Movement Of Art

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The Futurist movement of art has been regarded as a movement of “artistic rupture. It was the rupture of the already existing genres and verse forms, categories such as “prose” and “verse”, and also phenomena’s like “art” and “life” were put to question”[ ]. Futurism brought about the first collages and the different forms of the arts such as poetry, painting music and theater had started to be brought together into something new [ ]. Development in the movement of futurism brought about what we refer to today as Cubo- Futurism, which originated in 1913. This movement brought together important figures such as Kazimir Malevich, Vladimir Mayakovsky, Vassily Kamensky, Alexei Kruchenykh, Veliinir, Khlebnikov and Benedikt Livshits along with the artist David Burliuk, to form a new art genre that linked the works of Russian futurist poets and artists. The merging of the visual and the verbal elements have “constituted much of current art historical interpretation of this period of Russian Art” [ ].
The merging of these different elements was inspired by the newly invented expression of the transrational language of “zaum” which was the essence of Cubo-Futurism. The direct translation of the word zaum is “beyond the mind”, which was used to elaborate Russian Futurist’s rejection of conventional logic. Instead they worked to somehow create a new language that went beyond the conventional meanings and instead “rediscovered language as a powerful creative force that has been perhaps
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