The Gay Of Being A Gay

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Being Gay in America

Being a gay person in America is not nearly as difficult as it once once. There was a time at one point where homosexuality in the US was treated as taboo as many other social subjects such as criminality. However, times, beliefs, and perspectives have changed in the general populous. In 1996, only 27% of Americans polled by Gallop showed a positive stance on gay marriage, and homosexuality in general. By May of 2015, this percentage was nearly reverse, with only 37% of the population showing a negative stance on homosexuality. Despite the recent support for homosexuals in America, sexual prejudice is still prevalent in some areas of life for gay men and women. Life is still hard for gay people in America for a number of reasons, despite an overall acceptance of gay marriage by adults, and as a gay person myself, I have witnessed this injustice and prejudice on several levels. Being a young person, and defying stereotypes of homosexuality in a conservative high school can be a challenge. The preconceived notions about gay people normally include something about flamboyancy, inferiority, lack of masculinity, nonexistent athleticism, and a high voice. Being a person that generally defies these stereotypes in high school, and into college, is not easy by any means. In a high school, sports can be a natural way of life, except if you are gay. You’re automatically presumed to be athletically inferior as a gay person, and sports are typically out of the

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