The Gender Pay Gap

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Simultaneously, the gender pay gap has financial effects not just on the women, yet their families too. Studies have shown that American families with children count on a women’s earnings as a massive part of their family’s income, and many are the head of the household. Data demonstrates that “seventy percent of mothers with children under 18 participate in the labor force, with over 75 percent employed full-time. Mothers are the primary or sole earners for 40 percent of households with children under 18 today, compared with 11 percent in 1960. Women’s participation in the U.S. labor force has climbed since WWII: from 32.7 percent in 1948 to 56.8 percent in 2016” (Dewolf). Now women make up more than half of the U.S. workforce, the gap in earning deciphers to $7968 per year in median earnings for a high school graduate, $11,616 for a college graduate, and $19,360 for a professional school graduate. By and large, this gap effects hundreds of millions of women and their families, and lag them back hundreds of thousands of dollars throughout their life. The controversy of how to eradicate the gender wage gap in the workplace, some people propose that sometimes small steps often make substantial changes. Such as, some suggest that “if the male CEOs had daughters, the wage gap closed by 0.8 percent” (Weisul 67). As a father who has daughters becomes more sympathetic and understands towards women’s issues. The idea that CEOs’ daughters will end the wage gap is not acceptable due
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