The General Purpose Of An Estate Freeze

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1. Explain what the general purpose of an estate freeze is and why it could be advantageous to Phyllis and Freddie. An estate freeze with respect to Phyllis and Freddie’s family business corporation allows them to fix the value of their shares in the business at a particular date and create an opportunity for Phyllis and Freddie to transfer the future growth of a business, investments, or other assets to other taxpayers, children or other designated beneficiaries. By freezing a beneficiary’s estate, they will have to pay tax on the growth which results in a tax deferral until the beneficiary passes away or they will have to dispose of his/her shares. Phyllis and Freddie can redeem the preferred shares at any time; the preferred shareholder still has control over the assets. If they qualify as a qualified Small Business Corporation, one can multiply the number of capital gains exemptions by increasing the number of taxpayers who are shareholders. In addition, Phyllis and Freddie can transfer the asset to the children to who they would like to appoint from their company. The growth in value of which will not be subject to a challenge of their Will under the Wills Variation Act. It can prevent future family disputes and help the estate equalization. When Phyllis and Freddie transfers the preferred shares to their children, it creates the commitment for the children to take over the ownership of the company. Phyllis and Freddie can also maintain control of the
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