The Giver And Katniss Similarities

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Sometimes, picking up a good novel is just what you need. Two novels, The Hunger Games and The Giver, are both popular and well- known, and are read by thousands, even millions of people around the world. Surprisingly, the main characters of these books, Katniss and Jonas, are comparable to each other. The two share some similarities. They possess some differences too. In some ways, the main characters characters of two novels, Katniss and Jonas, are alike, as well as differ from each other.
To begin with, Katniss and Jonas share several things in common. For one, the settings of the stories both characters live in are considered a dystopian world. In The Hunger Games, the dystopian element is clearly evident, as it is described so by the …show more content…

In Katniss’ nation, Panem, the twelve districts are overseen by the Capitol. The Capitol enforces all people in the districts. The districts are at the Capitol’s mercy (Collins 18), unable to rebel without harsh punishment. The majority of the Districts are poor, while the Capitol is rich. Katniss lives in District 12, among the poorest of the districts. Jonas’ community is controlled by the Elders. The main role of the Elders is to make the laws, organize the ceremonies, and to assign jobs (Lowry 103). Another key role they have that is important to the story is that they decide who lives and who dies, so they essentially are very powerful in Jonas’ world too. In the worlds of both Jonas and Katniss, there is one group who holds power over everyone else.
The last similarity between both main characters is that the two both have family and friends that they love, and would sacrifice their lives for. Katniss risked her life for Prim when she volunteered in place of her for the Hunger Games (Collins 22-23). Katniss has feelings for Peeta and cares for him when he is injured. Jonas learns to love, and loves Gabe, and protects him from being released. What is also interesting to note is that both characters have a younger sister, and parents they cannot be truly loved by. Both characters care deeply for and want to protect people they are …show more content…

Katniss was a tribute in the Hunger Games, where tributes from different districts are forced to fight to the death (Collins 18). Katniss was being hunted by other tributes, so she had to do what she could to stay alive. This means that she had to kill people, or else she would be the one to die. Jonas, on the other hand, didn’t have to do any killing to escape danger. Jonas must escape to Elsewhere to prevent Gabriel from being released, and to free the memories that he had been keeping, so the rest of the community could experience everything he had. Jonas was being hunted by search planes, but he ran and hid from them. Katniss had to kill to protect herself, while Jonas did

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