The Giver, And The Real World

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When considering the similarities between Lois Lowry’s novel, The Giver, and the real world; one must consider all aspects of our domain, and history. A few similarities stand out as being predominantly controlling. The Giver, possesses several resemblances to Nazi Germany. The novel also portrays an appalling method for dealing with newborns that are less desirable. The novel also reflects on the way those who are too old are sent on a vacation to elsewhere. The novel leads one to assume that the handicapped would be met with equal cruelty. The story primarily sets forth ideas that are relevant of the era; when politically correctness would have been obstructing to an individual’s uniqueness. There reaches a point where conformity and perfection is controlling of an individual’s free will, and Lowry tries hard to portray the issues found in a world where everyone is the same; in which she indisputably succeeded. First of all, the story of, The Giver, has many similarities to the founding principles of Nazi Germany. Such as the extermination of all who oppose their rule. As well as the destruction of any that are unfit to work and pull their own weight. The retirement program in The Giver is a release. In Nazi Germany we see the same idea, being those who can and will work get to live, and those who are of no use to the Reich were executed.
Next, The Giver, had specific people who were chosen to be birth givers. These birth givers were basically pampered for three years;
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