The Giver, By Lois Lowry

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In Lois Lowry’s The Giver, Jonas, the protagonist and the only person who really evolves throughout the plot, experiences internal conflict because after learning about the past through the Giver, he wants to change the current world he lives in but is afraid of the consequences if he does so. The Giver focuses on Jonas and his journey towards freedom and becoming wiser.
At the start of the book, Jonas is anxious for the Ceremony of Twelve which comes in December. The age of Twelve is considered to be an adult in Jonas’ “community”. The Ceremony of Twelve is greatly anticipated by all Elevens. The Ceremony of Twelve is where all the Elevens are assigned their jobs and their purpose in the community. The ceremony symbolizes stepping into …show more content…

The Giver explains how snow made growing crops difficult and transportation even more challenging. Jonas becomes disappointed but can understand the reason why they went to “Sameness”. After giving him another memory of sunshine, the Giver ends the first day of Jonas’ training with the memory of a sunburn. The sunburn hurts Jonas, and he thinks that he has just been introduced to the concept of pain, but is not corrected by the Giver and remains oblivious.
The day after Jonas’ first day of training, he sees a flicker of change in his friend Fiona’s hair. This change happened to the apples and the faces in the audience at the Auditorium of the ceremony. Jonas can see the color red. This first color is the start of Jonas becoming wiser and less naive about the world around him.
As Jonas learns the names of colors through memories, he becomes frustrated that only he and the Giver can see colors and that people can’t make choices for themselves because he learns that they can make the wrong decision. One day, the Giver chose to give Jonas a startling and disturbing memory of an elephant being poached. Jonas saw people of different skin with guns, and heard the cry of rage and grief . In that memory, he saw the color red in a new different way.
On some afternoons, the Giver sends Jonas away because he is in too much pain. Jonas wants to know why. To introduce Jonas to the concept of pain, the Giver gives him a memory similar to the one

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