The Giver Film Techniques

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In the film “The Giver” directed by Phillip Noyce, an important character is Jonas. l.The director of the film employs the film techniques of costume, camera angles and dialogue to show how Jonas taught the audience that it was okay to be different. Jonas’ character teaches us the important lesson that people shouldn’t be afraid to be themselves. Everyone is born with unique abilities that shouldn’t have to compare with anyone else’s. Having the courage to be different may be difficult but will often result in a better outcome. The first lesson the audience learns is shown through the use of Jonas’ costume changes. At the beginning of the film you see that all the boys daily costume is the same, long pants, a casual shirt and sneakers. The …show more content…

In the opening scene of the film Jonas was confused and questioning what his purpose was in the community he lived in. He says “It seemed everyone knew theirs already. Not me. I was lost. I always felt like I saw things differently. I saw things other people didn't. I never said anything. I didn't want to be different. Who would?.” This choice of words shows how Jonas was so unsure of himself and how terrified he was to stand out from the crowd. He was really against being different in any sort of way and didn’t know where he was heading. At the end of the film he knew what his purpose was, he knew what he needed to do and he was determined to fight for what was right, even if being different was part of it. “The memories back and back and back can be returned. I need to leave the community. I need to find the boundary of memory and then cross it. No more discussions. Gabriel is in danger. Something must be done!.” When Jonas’s says this the audience sees that standing up for what you believe in and having self motivation can lead you in the right direction. It illustrates that Jonas’s character is much stronger than anyone else. In society today many people don’t push themselves to their fullest abilities, Jonas teaches the audience that it is important to set yourself a goal and fulfill it no matter what. The dialogue used really shows that every accomplishment starts

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