The Giver Language Essay

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Precision of language shows to be vital in The Giver. It prevents people from uttering unintentional lies, therefore breaking the community’s rules. Their precise language used to contort the meaning of words to adjust them for a result that they seem less disruptive and unsettling, when in reality they could be distressing, or unpleasant topics. The authorities are concealing what the words legitimately address and sugar coat them. The citizens in the community become unable to understand the love and joy in life, however, they do not understand pain and heartbreak. They live in an actuality without emotions, love, or joy. Although the people may say they are angry, or pained they have no idea what these words truly direct. The closest these people have ever been too angry or saddened is irked or dispirited. A few words in the Community that mask touchy concepts are “the Stirrings”, “release”, and “newchild”. These words hide what the authority wishes the people do not to realize in sameness.

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Instead of saying newborn the people living in the community utilize the term newchild. Provided that this may be due to that in their reality children not born. All babies are modified scientifically and carried by vessels that represent the mothers in today’s world. For phrase newborn affiliates with the love between a mother and child, when in the community this love can not exist. In their mind, there are no true mothers and no love at all, and the birthmothers are just vessels, just being used to bring children into the world. Furthermore, the community recognizes the terminology newchild for it feels more benign, as if it exists as just a younger adult who appeared miraculously and had shipped to the nurturing center. This phrase would never be something today’s culture would even acquiesce today for the sake of innate love and joy of

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