The Giver Word Analysis

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In the Giver the community has many weirdly spoken words. These words can mean many things, but to the community these words are nothing out of the ordinary. Everyone there is used to hearing these words and is not startled by them. In the real world an average person would have no idea what some of these words mean. For example Stirrings, comfort object, and Nurturer. In these strange peoples' community these are everyday words, but to ordinary people, they are very odd. Stirrings is very serious in the community, so is being a Nurturer. Every living child in the community is given a comfort item until the age of eight. Although, having a comfort item is not that unusual like the other two words, most children have items they go to sleep with every night. These three words from the book are routine words to the community. One of the routine words for the community is Stirrings. Stirrings for the community occurs to everyone at some point in their days. Stirrings occur around twelve years old, normally after the Ceremony of Twelve. Each child has a mysterious dream that they have never thought/had before. During …show more content…

Although, that child can only enjoy the object until they are eight. When the child turns eight, their comfort item is taken and recycled for younger children. Every child in the community gets a comfort item. They use them at night to sleep. When the child awakes the next morning the object is sadly taken away. When most kids in regular life grow up they have an object they go to sleep with to make them feel safe. A comfort object in the Giver is relatively the same thing. A child can only have their object until they are eight. After eight that little human-being has to learn to go to sleep without an object. Lily, Jonas’s sister comfort object was a stuffed elephant. When a child is born into the community they are placed with a comfort object and they do not get to decide what it will

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