Essay on The Glass Castle: The Memoirs of Jeannette Walls

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The Glass Castle is not an ordinary story of a childhood filled with challenges and problems. It is a memoir written by Jeannette Walls of her childhood. Although a memoir and an autobiography are almost interchangeable, an autobiography incorporates the life of the author whereas a memoir is a segment of their life. This memoir depicts the defining childhood of Jeanette Walls. Since a memoir is a non-fictional story, the element of non-fiction and truth is the most important. There has to be significant amount of truth to the story in order for it to be considered non-fictional. That is why accuracy of details is so vital when writing a non-fictional story. Unlike a fictional story, these details and characters are typically not made up. …show more content…

Their poverty is caused by their own decisions. Their stay at Battle Mountain ended when Grandma Smith passed away in Phoenix. She had left Jeanette’s mom a house where they settled in for a while and some land she refused to sell ever. They remained at Phoenix for some time until they decided to move to Welch. Their new home in Welch was a lot smaller and had many inconveniences. Many things occurred in Welch that made life very difficult for the Walls, specially the children. There was usually very little food and many problems involving the dad and his alcohol addiction. This was the most dramatic part of the story. Lori, the oldest, got fed up and decided she would pursuit her dreams without her parents help. Jeanette and Brian decided to help her move to New York. After months of pointless saving up, because the money somehow “disappeared”, a deal was made with someone that would give Lori the opportunity to go to New York. Soon after, Jeanette followed to New York to establish a name for her as well. By the near end of the story, almost all the children are nearly grown up. Everyone had eventually moved to New York. Maureen had spent a year in jail and decided to move to California. Brian and Lori had established their own lives in the big city while their parents still refused a lot of help from them. Rex Walls passed away from a heart attack; the rest of the family barely sees each other afterwards. The story comes to an end

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