The Glass Menagerie Literary Analysis

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Joey Leonti The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams
Module 7 October 25, 2017

Plagued with addiction, health issues, emotional distress, and a rough upbringing, Tennessee Williams was able to put these ailments to the side and carry a career as an accomplished author, poet, and playwright (“Biography” 1-2). In Tennessee’s novella The Glass Menagerie, a story of a family’s struggles taking place in St Louis, Missouri, 1937, much of the story’s plot and characters have a strikingly similar reality to that of Tennessee and his own personal life. In particular, one of the main characters and the story’s narrator Tom Wingfield shows a life with close correlation to that of Tennessee’s. It can be concluded that Tennessee Williams uses his art and talent for writing as an outlet to express his emotional pain. Williams shows that emotional pain can be expressed through the process of art by the tension Tom’s mother creates, the love for reading and writing, and the need for adventure. Williams shows that emotional pain can be expressed through art by showing a connection between Tom and his own mother’s inability to accept their sister’s potential and proficiency in life. In the case of Tennessee and his sister, Tennessee’s mother Edwina wasn’t truly accepting of his sister Rose and was convinced to have an operation on Rose’s brain to fix what was seen as “erratic behavior” (“Biography” 1). Tennessee

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