Essay about The Global Dimensions of Religious Terrorism.

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The Global Dimensions of religious Terrorism.
Mark Juergensmeyer argues that: religious often provides participates in transnational terrorist movements with the violent certainty necessary to develop extraordinary motivation and to engage in violent actions that appear to violate ethical precepts.
Religious terrorism often involves holy war on a global scale. During the Cold War, America’s major enemy was the Soviet empire. Then years after, America’s most wanted enemy was a single person Osama bin Laden. He symbolizes a variety of movements of religious activism that despise the symbols of secular power in a global age.
Religious nationalism and guerrilla antiglobalism have in common their reliance on bases of authority that in …show more content…

He continues, “The concept of terrorism was messed up. The term seems to be used only for incidents of violence that people didn’t like or the media have labeled terrorist. What about USA government? How they justify their acts of bombings, of killing innocent people, directly or indirectly, openly or secretly? The USA tries to terrorize nations, to obliterate their power and to tell them, they are nothing and they have to follow”. According to Abouhalima, any form of international political or economic control was a form of terrorism.
Conspiracy theories aside, there is a certain amount of truth to the notion that globalization and American dominance are related. U.S. culture and economy have influenced societies around the world in ways that have caused concern to protectors of local societies. There has been a great conflict between secular and religious life throughout the world, and America does inevitable support the secular side of the fight.
Regarding nationalism we can conclude that the legitimacy of religious social order as an ideology of nationalism and as an alternative source of authority. The very act of performing vio violence in public is a political act: t announces that the power of the group is equal or superior to that of the state, in most cases this is exactly the message that the group want to convey. At the same time those acts of religious violence announce that their religious

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