The Gods Of The Norse

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Kaela Rider
November 19, 2014
The Gods of the Norse
The people of Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland and the Faroe Islands are the Norse (people of the north) or as they are known today, the Scandinavians. Norse religion and mythology began to take place in the Bronze Age (A.D. 780-1070) and are the collected stories of the ancient religion of the people from Scandinavia (Daly x). Daly states that Norse mythology did not start in the Scandinavian area of Europe. Norse mythology originated, according to experts, in Asia, was modified in the European Mediterranean lands and eventually was carried north and west by migrating Teutonic tribes, in the third to sixth centuries A.D. during the break up of the Roman Empire. (Daly
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(D’aulaires 12). Only Niflheim (a waste of frozen fog) and Muspelheim (a place of raging flames) existed. Between Niflheim and Muspelheim there was a gaping pit called Ginnungagap. As embers and ice whirled around the dark, dismal pit they began to whirl faster and faster until fire created a spark of life within the ice. The frost giant, Ymir, a jotun, and an ice cow emerged from the pit. Ymir fell into a deep sleep. While he slept a male and female jotun formed from the warmth of his left armpit and a six-headed troll grew from his feet. The ice cow also brought life to this world. As she licked and licked the saltiness of Ginnungagap - a head of hair and then a whole body appeared from under her tongue. Next, a handsome man and his son appeared. The son, Borr, married a jotun maiden, Bestla. Together they had three sons who were so fair that they lit up the darkness around them. These three sons- Odin, Hoenir and Lodur were the first of the Aesir gods. They had the power to create a world. To do this the brothers had to kill Ymir first. Successfully, the brothers killed Ymir and pushed his body into Ginnungagap. Brine flowed from his wounds and flooded over the rim, creating the sea and killing his offspring and the cow. The brothers then took Ymir’s body out of the sea and began to make the earth out of his body. The flesh became the land. The bones became the mountains. The teeth made into rocks, the hair became the grass and trees and the eyelashes became
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