The Golden Age Of Computing

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Brian Grant
Chin-Hua Lin
From Computers to DNA
Similar to how the twentieth century was the golden age of computing, the 21-st century is the age of DNA. The computer age, early 1990’s, brought about dramatic changes to how we as a species function. Due to the help brought about from the computer revolution, the genetic revolution hopes to do for life what computing did for information. We are near being able to manipulate organisms for any number of reasons. Whether it be for medicine or agriculture, the technology we have will change the way we interact with the natural world.
Over the years, genetic engineering continued to prove itself beneficial in the fields of medicine, manufacturing, and agriculture. These …show more content…

For the most part genetic diseases stay dormant, remaining recessive traits waiting to be passed on to the children of the parents who both possess the recessive characteristic.
Throughout history, all of the genetic changes humans have faced has led to us to where we are today. Mutation, which we hold accountable for the creation of genetic diseases, is coincidentally the underlying mechanism of evolution. Evolution is the process of genetic change over time, as some of these changes result in a fitter version of the species that are more prone to survive than others, and these advantageous traits are then passed on to future generations. In certain cases, the errors give the individual a survival advantage in some environments while at the same time placing a disease in others, as with the hemoglobin-s gene, responsible for sickle-cell disease, which provides some immunity to malaria but comes at the cost of anemia (Levine and Suzuki 1993, pp. 35-38).
The majority of the mistakes made during DNA replication result in errors in the protein production.. Somatic cell DNA is essentially a protein-making code that directs cellular metabolism throughout an organism by controlling the production of essential protein that direct the ongoing survival a functioning of discrete cells in every organ of the body. Because of the tissue differentiation mechanisms, also part of the

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