The Goodness Of Matt Kaizer Analysis

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“The Goodness of Matt Kaizer,” by Avi, is about a young boy, Marley, who tells the story of Matt Kaizer, the Minister’s son. Matt is bad, and he’s proud of it. Even when his father repeatedly says “there’s goodness in everyone” he insists he’s not good. From picking up roadkill to watching gory tv shows, nothing is too bad for Matt. If he gets a dare, he will accept it. And Matt could of gone living like that forever, if he had not met ill Mr Bataky……
In the beginning of the story, Matt is bad, impolite, and basically the worst kid on the planet, “He could belch whenever he wanted to, and did, a lot. Spitballs, booger flicking, wedgie yanking, it was all wicked fun for Matt.” When he is dared to pick up road kill, he will do it, without a moment
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