The Government 's Energy Star Program

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The federal government’s energy star program was established in 1992 by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This program is voluntary and started in order to save businesses and families save money. This program has many companies investing in energy efficient projects to help boost the market. While promoting these products, the energy star program also helps to reduce energy consumption and pollution. Along with saving energy, it helps to reduce greenhouse gases. Reducing the greenhouse gases contributes to the health of individuals and the environment surrounding them. This will hopefully control the climate changes brought on by the emission of such gases and strengthen our economy (Energy Star, 2014).
High efficiency washing machines help families cut energy and water costs (Energy Star, 2014). These machines are front or top loading with a larger tub capacity. Families are able to wash fewer loads which enables them to use less water. Companies continue working on their models to save more money. Washers made after 2003 are more efficient. If your washer is more than ten years old, you should look into purchasing a newer model (Energy Star, 2014). Washing machines did not earn the Energy Star label until 1997 (Mother Earth News, 2010). When comparing the how much energy the models use, you need to look at the yellow EnergyGuide label. This tells you how much energy each load of laundry uses and the

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