The Great Albert Einstein Essay

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Several intelligent freethinking individuals have occupied the world. Who, at first glance may appear to be completely incompetent and distorted as contributing members of our society. For Albert Einstein, he seemed to be no exception. Growing up having had a speech disability, “Einstein initially was thought to be simple-minded, and consequently would not achieve much in his lifetime.” In contrast, Einstein has manipulated almost every thought and question, which existed in his time and in ours. Whereas many mathematicians, scientist, and or philosophers were unable to answer unimaginable questions and theories that would improve the world we live in. That was no surprise to anyone. Einstein was able with little endeavor to…show more content…
In the following years, it was apparent to many that Einstein would in fact exceed everyone’s expectations, even his own. In Munich around 1884, Einstein’s parents had learned that Einstein would have difficulties learning to speak and would need a private education to improve his speaking ability. Albert's father gave Einstein a compass at the age of five, while he was sick in bed with a cold. Hermann had unknowingly altered Albert's future, by simply providing his son a compass, which provoked his curiosity in the unknown and started raising questions ultimately leading to the desire to know more about motion. School did not come so easy for Einstein he more often than not ended the school day in the Head Masters office. His attitude seemed to get worse; he had no respect for authority and continuously was different. The title different is not always intended for negative uses, for Einstein it meant brilliant, mysterious, and intriguing. If Einstein had not been unique and held fast to his beliefs who knows how his life might have ended. In the world, our stones are not permanently placed. In fact, our path is constantly shifting like the tectonic plates under the earth’s surface. Every movement is countered by a reaction of that movement. If one stone shifts, your life could spiral in a direction unforeseen; this was the case for
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