The Great Civilizations And Empires Have Changing Political Structure Of The Nation Essay

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Great civilizations and empires have changing political atmospheres based on the development of the nation. Political divisions can form and dissolve quickly based on the focus of an economy or the values of the population. However, civil wars are caused by deeply rooted political divisions that are caused by a lack of compromise and politicians prioritizing other issues besides those plaguing the majority of the empire. Often times, violence and hatred begin to infiltrate the government and compromise becomes impossible between two opposing ideologies. In Roman civilization, the deep rooted political division can be traced back to the Senate ignoring the policies of the Gracchi brothers and their ensuing deaths. In the present American society, the political atmosphere is beginning to mirror that of Rome around the time of the death of the Gracchi brothers. The division between the two political parties is widening due to hatred and violence that is beginning to appear more often in political situations. Using Roman civilization as an example, the causes and effects of the current political division in America can be predicted if the atmosphere does not become more accepting of the opposing party. The division of Rome into two distinct opposing ideologies can be traced back to the time of the Gracchi brothers. In the years of the early republic, there were ideological differences between groups of people in Rome; however, these differences expanded once the Gracchi

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