The Great Depression: A Man Without Work

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Imagine waking up one morning only to come to the realization that all of your family’s life savings and investments were gone, and that the nations bank systems had collapsed. This was the realization many American families came to in an era called The Great Depression. During the course of The Great Depression numerous people were left jobless; while women and African Americans faced work place discrimination. Life during The Great Depression was rich with trials and tribulations.
For one thing. during The Great Depression millions of people were left with no jobs, and no way to support their families. Not having a job can make a man feel worthless because “a man is not a man without work” (Raughway 2). A man finds his worth within his job …show more content…

In many cases African Americans’ would notice they were “last hired, first fired” because the company wanted to replace them with a middle class white working man.
(Raughway 4) Correspondingly, no matter how long females waited, the chance of finding a job was very slim. “We sit here every day waiting for a job. There are no jobs.” (Sueur 1) Most females who were looking for work only needed it so that they would be able to keep their families afloat. Many people agreed with Roosevelts statement that the “Joy and moral stimulation of work [must] no longer be forgotten” but African Americans and females were never given the opportunity to experience work because they were never able to find a job where they wouldn’t be replaced by a white man. (Roosevelt 2)
The Great depression was an era that caused despair within many families. Millions of them had lost all of their money and businessmen only wanted to hire white men. President Roosevelts’ speech brought hope back to the people and reminded them that the governments “greatest primary task [was] to put people back to work” and that soon they would have an income again. (Roosevelt 11) The Great Depression is an era that will always be

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