The Great Depression And Its Effects On The World Essay

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The Great Depression happened during the late 1920’s and continued until the early 1940’s. The origin of the depression was in the United States as the stock market crashed in 1929 wiping affecting millions of investors. The US economy was connected with the global economy, this economic crisis affected the whole world with high unemployment and low production. Industrial production declined dramatically, causing distribution systems to struggle as “transportation, wholesaling, manufacturing, and retailing companies encountered problems of unprecedented scale and scope” (Lewis,2009,pg.499). As businesses struggle to stay running, the devastating conditions of the Great Depression forced many businesses and factories to rethink their ways to have control in the workplace, economic policy and production practices. As no one was prepared for this tragic event, many people lost billions of dollar as they invested in low-cost stock and credit as they recently joined the middle class. The experience of the Depression had a negative impact on the world, many people were forced to dramatically change their lifestyle. In order to survive, the idea of gender roles caused dispute, but also opened up doors for women and change. It allowed society to have a new view on their traditional way of living in order to make ends meat for their household. While women were thought to stay at home many women were employed. The Great Depression served to make female breadwinners more socially
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