The Great Depression By Stephen Neal. Columbia College

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The Great Depression Stephen Neal Columbia College Page Break The Great Depression was a time of disappointment and poverty for several. It became an unforgettable historical time in American history. The Great Depression happened from about 1929 to 1941. During this article I 'll be shortly describing what happened when and where during the Depression. I will also describe some of the main figures throughout the time. Firstly I 'll get into how the market crashed, being dubbed Black Thursday. The crash spelled disaster for the financial system. Companies with serious investments featured an abrupt shock to their assets. This was the beginning of the depression. The national income slipped lower each year from 1929-1932, and it did not return until World War II. Unemployment became the most important problem of the depression to the people living in the US. Another major problem was that the agricultural prices were cut almost in half, and many farms foreclosed because of it. There are many different theories as to why the stock market crashed that day. One was that the attempts of the US government and the Federal Reserve Board to stop speculation caused an overreaction in the market, leading to the selling panic. The next massive event was the consequences the stock market crash had on America. In 1930, farm income had fallen to the lowest it 's been since 1921. A result of this was that farmers didn’t have enough money. Roughly 5 % of farmers

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