The Great Depression Of Indiana

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Joshua Kehoe
Indiana University East
March 22, 2017

Farmland, Indiana has a vibrant history from its early days as a Beeline stop to the days of Ansel Tony, the kite man, and now as a lively town. Farmland experienced some downtime in its history because it was a town that had to go through the Great Depression. Today Farmland has become lively and is starting to thrive again with some businesses moving in and run-down houses being restored to new again.

Farmland, Indiana has been a town since 1852 in Randolph County Indiana and was a station on the Bellfontaine Railroad, or as others may call it the Bee Line. Commerce based on agriculture and, by late 1880s, gas and oil production …show more content…

Housing crews have repaired most, if not all, of the run-down houses that have burdened the cities appeal over the years. I know of 3 houses that have in the last year been repaired to new and are now being sold.
The History of Farmland
Farmland got its start in 1852 after being founded by Henry D. Huffman and William Macy as a station on the Bellfontaine Railroad. On July 28th 1852 the two gentlemen platted Farmland on their farms. The town consisted of 152 lots including 6 streets, all of which are present today. Many cities that started on the railroad were thrust into a thriving economical environment. Being a station this allowed the city to quickly increase its population and annual revenue. There were many people that saw this economic opportunity and started forming farms alongside the town because it gave them quick access to the railroad. Thus their transportation costs were lower than other farmers. The agricultural business started to boom in the small town and drew more people into the town. People seized the economic opportunities that presented themselves. Sadly though the town did grow slow. But in 1870 the census found 532 people residing there. Starting from just two families the town gained over 500 residents in just 18 years. That is truly remarkable for the time that our nation was in. The fires. Farmland was almost completely

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