The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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F. Scott Fitzgerald 's, The Great Gatsby, is set in the Roaring Twenties on Long Island in the towns of fashionable East Egg where people with old money live, and it’s sister island West Egg where those who are have worked for their wealth and aspire to live on East Egg reside. Men have the power and authority, and women are expected to fulfill their roles as wives and caretakers. The narrator Nick Carraway has just moved to West Egg, and his only connections to begin with are his fanciful cousin Daisy Buchanan and her husband Tom. His neighbour, Jay Gatsby is an affluent man who throws lavish parties for what seems no reason. At dinner with Daisy, Nick meets Daisy’s old friend and independant golf star, Jordan Baker, who reveals that Gatsby’s parties are his attempt to reconnect with Daisy, his great love. Fitzgerald uses Daisy and Jordan to illustrate how, in a patriarchal society, women can only gain agency through deception. Daisy is using the assumption that she is innocent and oblivious in order to protect herself from emotional injury, and from the consequences her actions could hold. Tom, Nick, Jordan, Gatsby, and Daisy are in the city in a hotel suite. Tom and Gatsby began fighting over Daisy, and who she loved.“She hesitated. Her eyes fell on Jordan and me with a sort of appeal, as though she realised at last what she was doing - as though she had never, all along, intended doing anything at all.” (132). Daisy has been terrified of the consequences due to

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