The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Dreaming is acceptable at night but we should not daydream so much that we have to dedicate our lives to our dreams. The Great Gatsby is written by F. Scott Fitzgerald and it is set in the 1920s, the era known as the Jazz Age. "Fitzgerald is one of the few authors whose life and fiction are one" (F. Scott Fitzgerald). Fitzgerald was a poor young man from Minnesota, yet handsome and charming. He fell deeply in love with Ginevra: beautiful, rich, and untouchable. Fitzgerald was a constant dreamer, so he dreamed of being together with Ginevra despite the enormous social gap between them. "Ginevra and Fitzgerald break up after two years but he saves all the love letters he revived from her" (Smith). This shows he still loved her and kept dreaming about her even though he and Ginevra had gotten married to other people. Eventually, Fitzgerald wrote The Great Gatsby and achieved great fame and wealth. The Great Gatsby is written from the first person point of view and is narrated by Nick Carraway, a wealthy and ambitious twenty-nine-year-old. Nick lives in a small house in the West Egg and his house is on the right side of a big mansion owned by his neighbor, Jay Gatsby. Similar to Fitzgerald, Gatsby is a very wealthy, handsome, and a constant dreamer, though he was a poor farmer 's son from Minnesota. Despite his background and lower social status, Gatsby dreams to marry Daisy Buchanan, who is rich, beautiful, and popular. After Gatsby left for the war, Daisy marries a…
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