The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Myrtle Wilson’s glowing red hair, Nick Carraway’s gleaming smile and Daisy’s flowing white dress all coupled with the roar of that supercharged engine of Gatsby’s yellow car astounded Nick time and time again. How could I forget those peering eyes in the dark, dirty, and polluted Valley of Ashes? James Gatz hidden behind the name of Jay Gatsby was a “destined man” according to Nick. The bond market on Wall Street frustrated Nick and doctor visits were a daily for Carraway, which gave him the opportunity to write about his admirations of Jay. The luscious parties, endless alcohol, “beautiful little fools”, and well Nick Carraway ‘s company made for the summer of 1922 in West Egg. Jay Gatsby, a man of superior wealth and somewhat loneliness was searching for his lost love of Daisy Buchanan. Statured in West Egg, Nick was Gatsby’s neighbor, who let’s put it this way, lived in a miniscule house for rent of eighty dollars per month. Graduated from Yale with origins in the Midwest, Carraway had his mindset straight and could not cease to stop staring at Jay Gatsby’s marvelous Gothic mansion. One afternoon, Carraway received an invitation to one of Gatsby’s parties. He had never met Jay or questioned his wealth, so he was delighted to attend. As the people of West Egg, East Egg and New York City arrived to the music, dancing, and drinking, Nick was astonished and fit right in with the people who paraded their wealth and those that only dreamed of the West Egg lifestyle. When Nick
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