The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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The Play The Great Gatsby, set in the summer of 1922 (Program 17), focuses on Nick Carraway, a young, middle class man who travels to New York to make his fortune in bonds. Soon after he settles in West Egg, Long Island, he goes to visit his cousin Daisy and her husband Tom across the bay in East Egg. There, he learns that Tom is having an affair in which Daisy is aware of, he discovers that the man who lives in the mansion next door is the mysterious Jay Gatsby who has a questionable past and throws elaborate parties, and he meets Jordan Baker, a golf champion and friend of Daisy’s. Shortly after, Nick gets an invitation to attend a party at his neighbor’s house. There, he meets the infamous Jay Gatsby, and their friendship begins. …show more content…

Once they get into town, the truth comes out about Daisy and Jay’s love. They decide to head back into town to sort things out. On the way home, Tom and the members of his car see Myrtle, dead from a hit and run from a car that appeared to be Gatsby’s. Nick later learns that Daisy was the one driving the car, not Gatsby. In the end, Daisy and Tom go away and give no indication as to where they are, Nick breaks up with Jordan after learning she cheats at golf, and Wilson shoots and kills Gatsby for killing his wife. The theme of The Great Gatsby is to leave the past in the past. Gatsby spends his whole life trying to re-create the past and make everything perfect for Daisy like it was in the past. However, in the end, she chooses Tom, who she has spent her life with, over Gatsby, who she only knew briefly from her past. She decided to leave the past in the past while Gatsby tried to make the past into the present. This ultimately was his downfall. The central character in The Great Gatsby is Jay Gatsby. The main conflict of the play is that he’s trying to get Daisy to fall back in love with him and to leave Tom. Although she does fall in love with him again, Daisy does not leave Tom. So, when the conflict is resolved, Gatsby only half way gets what he wants.

The Performance One of the main elements that

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