The Great Ice Age Of A Giant Body Of Water

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1. The entire world was said to be one giant chunk of land surrounded by a giant body of water. The great ice age hit and the big chunk of land started separating into pieces. This caused the water to go in between the lands. The ice age also caused the waters to freeze and the sea levels to drop and an isthmus or “bridge” was there for them to use. The people used the isthmus to populate the lands across from them. If the bridge wasn’t there, they would have had to populate the Americas when Columbus got there in 1492. 2. The first people (Indians) to fill the lands were the Asians. The Asian people migrated across an isthmus called the Bering Isthmus. They moved all throughout America. They created tribes like the Mayans, Aztecs, and …show more content…

France colonized NN America. Portugal colonized many places in C America. Britain colonized South Africa, New Zealand and Australia. The colonization by the Europeans was more substantial compared to the British and Spanish colonization’s. 5. The Spanish conquered the people in the empires built in America. The Spanish beat the Aztecs and took over Mexico. They also took over the people around them and charged taxes. The Incas created an establishment in Peru, but Pizarro took over them. The Spanish had also settled in California, Texas, and Florida. They shared their culture by converting them to being Christians, taught them their language, and taught them different ways to make, build, and grow things. The Indians were told to get gold and silver and ship it back to Spain, taking away the riches from them and the land to make their home place wealthier. 6. The Spanish people would take the Indians and use them as their slaves and exploit them. In other words, they would overwork the people that they basically stole everything from. They intermarried with the Indian women, and created generations of mestizos. Chapter 2 1. England was slow to enter the colonization race because Spain had a navy greater and more powerful than theirs, so that kept them away from America. Spain was defeated by England in the late 1500s and caused them to gain strength and take over, colonize, lands that belonged to

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