The Great Recession Of The United States

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The United States is a country that over the years has relied on its economic stability to continue providing acceptable living for its citizens and continue its leadership of the free world. This country went through an economic depression which lasted several years throughout the 1920’s and the 1940’s but successfully recovered from it after World War II. An economic boom in the 1990’s during George Clinton’s Presidency the federal budget was managed to be balanced and helped increase the economic crisis of the United States. The recovery did not last long as the United Stated went through a huge recession during George Bush’s Presidency in what many experts called the “Great Recession” which affected many especially businesses and middle class citizens. Although today many consider the recession to be over the effects of it can still be felt today specially by many middle class families like my own. I come from a small family of three which includes my parents and me. My family comes from minimum wage salaries and have been part of same line of work for many years however, the amount of necessities the family can afford has definitely changed. For example, the amount of groceries you can buy nowadays with a $20 bill is much less than those of the 1990‘s. The price of gas has certainly gone up which has caused many companies to outsource jobs or close down. My dad was laid off his dream job due to budgets cuts while my mom’s working hours have been reduced. As a result my
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