The Greatest Generation Grows Up By Kirste Lindenmeyer Analysis

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In The Greatest Generation Grows up: American Childhood in the 1930’s, Kirste Lindenmeyer argues that the children of the Great Depression were the targets of and influenced the social and political change during the depression. Lindenmeyer does this by using many first-hand accounts to support her claim. Lindenmeyer then uses the lack of work as a chapter to also support her argument. Another point that Lindenmeyer successfully uses is the change in educational policies and regulations to reinforce her claim on the political side of it. There is a point that can hurt some of Lindenmeyer’s sources is that some of her primary sources were taken note of many years after the Great Depression. To start off, Lindenmeyer does successfully use …show more content…

This forced children in urban areas to work street jobs, like newsies and shoeshiners. This work greatly increased by 74,000 more newsies and 415,000 newspaper carriers between the years of 1928 and 1934. This increase was the product on the lack of jobs, they did it to earn money to support themselves and/or their families. Like many people, the children adapted to the change in order to survive. The change was not just a political one based in laws by banning child labor, but also a social change in that it became more of a common sight to see children work certain jobs. With the change, not all kids went to the street, many went to and stayed in school during the depression. The problem with the adaption to work is that schools were where the government wanted the kids to go to, not the streets and work. The schools were a product of trying to increase graduation rates, make healthier and smarter students. Lindenmeyer uses this to help her argument that the children were affected by both the political and social change. There was an increase in those who are in school. In 1920, 35 percent of fourteen through seventeen year olds were in school, it increased by 1930 to 51 percent. It would later start to increase

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