The Growth Of Digital Technology

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Introduction The growth of digital technology has led to the rise of eHealth, which, according to the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, is defined simply as “the use of digital information and communication technologies to improve people’s health and health care.” Electronic health records (EHR), for example, allow medical professionals to digitally access and transfer medical files and gives patients the ability to access their personal records as needed. Telehealth provides opportunities to consult with physicians through telecommunications, anytime, anywhere. Patients are using mobile technology to monitor their diet and fitness activities. Mobile apps and wearable devices allow them to collect personal health data and even share the information with their physicians. The greatest benefit of eHealth is that patients can play a much bigger role in the management of their personal health through the use of these mobile and digital technologies. Despite all of these advances in digital healthcare, there is still hesitation among medical professionals and patients, which slows the widespread adoption of eHealth technologies. Healthcare professionals need to be better educated on how to apply these technologies in their practices. Patients will continue to become more involved in the management of their own health, and physicians must adapt and learn how to provide better care to digitally-connected patients. Privacy and security issues also remain a concern
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