The Guilty Mind in Shakespeare´s Macbeth Essay

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Have you ever done something that you will regret for the rest of your life? Killing someone is considered to be the worst crime of humanity but planning to kill someone is just evil. Macbeth in Shakespeare’s play, who was loyal, courageous and honorable knight, protected his king from a traitor. His wife, Lady Macbeth is a stronger character, more dominant in the relationship with Macbeth. She is also a hideous woman, who influences her husband by making him commit murder by insulting and criticizing him. After a successful plan to kill King Duncan, Macbeth quickly continued to kill more people that could get in his way, even his best friend and family. When a person is committing a crime, they feel guilty for something they did. They …show more content…

222) to remove the blood from hands, but it is unusual for Lady Macbeth because there is no blood. In religious believe, water is used for Baptist, wash away sins, God uses water to wash away all the sins and evil from earth, “The Flood”. Shakespeare is using Lady Macbeth in her unconscious state, sleepwalking, to attack the psychopath to persuade the readers.
The Doctor sees inside of Lady Macbeth’s feeling, “ The Heart is sorely charged.” (V. 1. 55. 350). Her heart cannot hide any secrets anymore; it starts to lose control of itself because her sins are too heavy. She starts to express her psycho reactions in order to relax her complex mind. It will start to speak the truth, “I tell you yet again, Banquo’s buried. He cannot come out on ’s grave.” (V. 1. 64-65. 350-60). Lady Macbeth is sleeping, her nerve system is at rest, she cannot control of what she say, it is her heart, her own feeling that speaking. She confesses to herself about the death of Bonquo, nothing can change the fact that he is assassinated, he cannot come back to life. Lady Macbeth says, “Give me your hand. What’s done cannot be undone. To bed, to bed, to bed!” (V. 1. 69-70. 351). Lady Macbeth tries to avoid what happen, she wants to forget about her guilt because whar done is done. She try to persuade herself to move on and keep living as long as she can keep her secret in the dark forever. In conclusion,

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