The Gulf War Of 1990

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The Gulf War of 1990 was an economic, territorial and political enigma that saw the invasion of Kuwait by neighbouring country Iraq. The commencement of the Persian war sparked much controversy in its occurrence, and many question the extent to which the previous war of 1988, the Iraq/Iran war was a direct link to the feud only a couple of years later. Although the Iraq/Iran war had a strong link to the occurrence of the Persian Gulf War, the interconnectedness of numerous differing factors outweigh any reasoning for the contrary. The Kuwait oil reserves, represented opportunity, wealth and future prosperity for Iraq, thus acting as a motive and fuelling president, Saddam Hussein incentive to invade Kuwait and rescue the economic state of Iraq. Additionally Saddam Hussein’s desire for territorial expansion and country development meant that he would use the inferior neighbouring country as a way to extend his land. In conjunction to this, his yearn for his opposition of the US alliance with Kuwait, and his disapproval of American imperialism also provoked territory ownership. These factors referenced, highlight and justify why, although the Iraq/Iran war too a small extent acted as a catalyst for the Gulf war, ultimately the invasion of Kuwait was the result of profitable and possessive desires of Saddam Hussein.

On the 2nd of August 1990 Saddam Hussein ordered his Iraqi troops to invade neighbouring nation Kuwait in order to acquire Kuwait’s oil reserve to relieve…
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