The Gulf War Of 1990

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The Gulf War of 1990 was an economic, territorial and political enigma that saw the invasion of Kuwait by neighbouring country Iraq. The commencement of the Persian war sparked much controversy in its occurrence, and many question the extent to which the previous war of 1988, the Iraq/Iran war was a direct link to the feud only a couple of years later. Although the Iraq/Iran war had a strong link to the occurrence of the Persian Gulf War, the interconnectedness of numerous differing factors outweigh any reasoning for the contrary. The Kuwait oil reserves, represented opportunity, wealth and future prosperity for Iraq, thus acting as a motive and fuelling president, Saddam Hussein incentive to invade Kuwait and rescue the economic state of …show more content…

Husain’s motive for occupying Kuwait territory was dictated by the “sum of eighty billion dollars Iraq owed to Kuwait, incurred through previous decades of struggle with Iran, in which Kuwait had ordered to be repaid “(Tom cooper, 16th September 2003, paragraph 2). The two countries already held strong competition in terms of their economic stability, and by gaining access to oil reserves, “Iraq could control approximately twenty per cent of the worlds known oil”(, 2009, Iraq invades Kuwait, paragraph 1) Saddam Hussein began to establish an attitude of hatred towards Kuwait, which only intensified with the extent to which Kuwait’s oil reserves acted as the benefactor and main source of wealth and value, thus activating Hussein’s interest in such Kuwait’s rich storage of wealth. It was here that war was evident, as occupying Kuwait would solve Saddam’s war debt, and further enrich Iraq’s resources to rebuild his country and exhausted economy. It’s believed that this economic downfall was triggered by the Iran/Iraq war only a couple of years earlier. “On September 1980, and lasting until August 1988, the Islamic republic of Iran and Republic of Iraq went to war, due to Iraq’s invasion of Iran, in order to settle border disputes and satisfy the desire of Iraq to replace Iran as the dominant Persian Gulf state.” (Rodney p Carlisle, 2003, paragraph 1) “Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and further Gulf States ultimately saved

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