The Hardy Boys : Character Analysis

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Have you often noticed that you are extremely different from your parents, grandparents, or even children and their friends? Throughout generations, what young adults are like changes rapidly. Things such as values, limitations, interests, and many more things are ever changing. The young adults in The Hardy Boys: The Tower Treasure, by Franklin W. Dixon are drastically different than those of the current generation. Some of these differences include; those of the current generation tend to be more selfish, greedy, have stricter parents, less avid about their parents, more negative, and give up more easily. The Young Adults in The Tower Treasure are more selfless and less greedy when it comes to money than those of my generation. For example, on page 83, it states, when Frank and Joe received the news that they were going to New York City, even though he was thrilled, Frank thought of the work his mother had done and felt bad that she was not joining them. This exemplifies that Frank ignored his own personal gain, and thought of others before himself automatically. Additionally, on page 168, the brothers found the treasure, and out of all of the benefits that gave to them, they declared the best part was Mr. Robinson being cleared of suspicion. This displays that both teenagers cared more about a family being alright than being seen as heroes, getting money, or being prided. If these things happened today, there would probably be more concern over personal benefit, rather
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