The Harlem Globetrotters, An Exhibition Basketball Team

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Searching for the perfect topic in any essay is always tough. So when I began to think about a research topic, I had no idea what to write about. I started to think about all the things that I love doing and have a passion for such as, hunting, fishing, and sports. Although with this research paper I wanted to pick something that is intriguing to me, but I don’t know a whole lot about. When it comes to hunting and fishing, I’m pretty well informed. Although in sports, there are endless opportunities. There are so many little things that you can go into and expand your knowledge upon. Just recently the Harlem Globetrotters hosted an event involving their 90th year anniversary that was aired on T.V. I have always enjoyed the…show more content…
They were originally called the Savoy Big Five named after a Chicago District. The Savoy Big Five first started playing at the Savoy Ballroom for entertainment purposes. They would sometimes play basketball games before dances and such. The founder of the Savoy Big Five or commonly known today as the Harlem Globetrotters was Abe Saperstein. Saperstein was the manager and promoter of the Savoy Big Five. ( The Savoy Big Five later became known as the “New York Harlem Globe Trotters.” Saperstein changed the name because most of the players were African-American, and Harlem was known to be the center of all African-Americans. He thought that it would fit together right. Saperstein also added New York to the name so that people would think that his team was the real deal and they were true athletes that come from New York. The Globetrotters played their first away game in Hinckley, Illinois on January 7th, 1927 just 48 miles west of Chicago. The Harlem Globetrotters were not allowed to play in the Professional Basketball league due to their race. Although Saperstein still decided to promote them. Abe Saperstein was the son of a tailor. Therefore he had sewn up the jerseys that the Globetrotters would wear. The jerseys were red, white, and blue. On the front of the jerseys read “New York”. The Globetrotters were each paid seventy-five dollars during their first game. The

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