The Harrr's Case Of Kaspar Hauser

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6. Kaspar Hauser In May of 1928, a teenage boy was found wandering the streets of Nuremberg, Germany, clutching a handwritten note addressed to a captain of a German cavalry regiment. The note claimed that the boy, Kaspar, had been adopted as an infant by an anonymous person and raised in near-total isolation somewhere near the Bavarian border; the note instructed the captain to take him in or hang him. The boy was jailed as a vagrant, and appeared to only know a few scattered Hungarian words and three German phrases - "I want to be a cavalryman, as my father was", "Horse! Horse!" and "Don't know". He gradually learned to speak, and claimed he had been raised in an isolated cell by a mysterious man who taught him to repeat those phrases without understanding what they meant. Numerous caretakers took Kaspar in, only to find him spiteful and deceitful. He was eventually stabbed in the chest by an unknown person on December 14th, 1833. At the site of his stabbing, police found a purse that contained a note written in mirror writing, that claimed Kaspar could tell police the killer's identity, and offered clues. The circumstances of Kaspar's life and death remain suspicious, and to this day no one is sure who he really was, what his motives were, and whether or not his fatal stab wound was self-inflicted. source: ... forest-boy 7. The Jamison Family On October 8, 2009, the Jamison family - Bobby, Sherilynn and their young daughter

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