The Hero’S Quest. The Hero’S Quest Is Commonly Divided

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The Hero’s Quest The Hero’s Quest is commonly divided into three groups: the Departure, the Initiation, and the Return. Each group has its own steps that a typical epic poem’s hero would follow on his quest. In the epic poem, Beowulf, the unknown author uses several steps of the Hero’s Quest to make Beowulf seem like a typical epic hero that follows the Hero’s Quest.
The first step of the Departure is the Call to Adventure; this is the point in the hero’s life when he is informed that he will have to go on a quest. Beowulf experienced The Call to Adventure when heard of Grendel’s attacks on Heorot, and he felt obligated to help King Hrothgar because he is his father’s friend. The second step of the Departure is the Refusal of the Call, …show more content…

The unknown author most likely chose to omit this step to portray Beowulf as a strong character that does what he has to do to complete his quest. There are six steps in the Initiation of the Hero’s Quest. The first step in the Initiation is the Road of Trials, which is a series of tests that the hero must face to begin the transformation. The Road of Trials in Beowulf is his battles with Grendel, Grendel’s mother, and the dragon. Beowulf experienced obstacles in each battle, but he still was able to fight his best and kill all three of his enemies. The second step in the Initiation is the Meeting with the Goddess; this is when the hero meets a goddess and experiences love. This did not occur in Beowulf. If a monk was the one who wrote the story down, he might have wanted to leave that part out based off of religious purposes. If the monk did not choose to omit this step, the unknown author might not have included it to show that Beowulf was determined and did not let anything in his way when he had a task. The third step of the Initiation is the Woman as the Temptress, which is when the hero is tempted by a woman. This does not occur in Beowulf, and it was most likely omitted for the same reason as The Meeting with the Goddess. The fourth step in the Initiation is the Atonement with the Father. This step is when the hero must confront whoever holds all the power in his life. The Atonement with the Father is when

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