The History of Dance in Canada Essay

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Dance is the word that is broadly that used to define a human behavior characterized by expressive movements of the body. It is the grace, artistry, and classicality and precision that distinguishes ballet from other dance styles. People have danced for many different reasons such a religious, entertainment, tribal rituals, exercise or to simply to express something that cannot find voice in words. For as long as people inhabited Canada, there has been dance and it has subsequently played a role throughout Canadian history. In Canada dance history began with indigenous dance of First Nations Peoples, but with the arrival of European settlers came more European dance forms such as ballet, which have shaped dance in Canada into what it is today. Canada is still considered a newer country and yet has still managed to produce ballet productions that dupe the standards of worldwide companies who have had ballet within their society for hundreds of years longer. Canada’s most renowned classical ballet company is the National Ballet of Canada, a dance company which has been a key patron of the arts and is in many ways responsible for the popularity of success of ballet in Canada.
The National Ballet of Canada was founded in 1951. 3 It is a classical ballet company that has an extensive repertoire of choreography ranging from very classical 19th century pieces to modern avangard contemporary works. The National Ballet of Canada is one of North Americas largest ballet troupes,…

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