The History of Estonia and Education Essay

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The History of Estonia and Education I. Introduction Oleg is a student at St. Cloud State University. Upon meeting him we became friends and he became an informant of his country Estonia. Four years ago he made a decision to leave Estonia in order to study abroad in the United States. Oleg chose the US because of the educational opportunities America has to offer. Throughout the interviewing process, I asked Oleg about the differences between America’s schooling system and that of Estonia. This allowed me to look at Estonia’s educational system at a personal level. My experience as an interviewer has led me to issues relating to the history and education of Estonia. II. Introduce Estonia and facts about people In…show more content…
Estonians had successfully created eight countries loosely independent of each other. As a whole the country would gather to defend their land but there is no evidence of an established government system at that time. The early 1200’s posed a problem for this loose defense. German crusading campaigns wrestled Estonia’s land away as means for forcing Christianity on its citizens. The lack of a central government and defense system led to Estonia’s fall in the mid 1200’s. Estonians progressed into roles as peasants for the Germans and Danes who helped take control of the northern region of Estonia. After the peasant uprising was crushed Estonia remained, by large, a peaceful country for two centuries. In 1561 the Swedes blocked the advances of the Russians and took over. Under Swedish rule Estonia was split into two parts, northern and southern Estonia. Northern Estonia was called the Duchy of Estland and southern Estonia included the northern part of Latvia. The Swedish government tried to improve the Estonian lifestyle and further their education in the Protestant religion. During this Swedish reign Estonia got its start in education by founding Tartu University in 1632. Estonia also established the first Estonian parish schools in the 1680’s. Sweden’s reign in Estonia lasted until the early 1700’s when Russia once again took hold. Under Russia’s reign German noblemen received rights and privileges to the land. These rights and privileges

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