The History of Mahayana Buddhism Essay

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Mahayana Buddhism originated in India and is believed to be associated with some of the oldest known existing branches of Buddhism. The temple our group visited was devoted to this philosophical way of thinking, and its practices. More than half of all Buddhist practitioners participate in the Mahayana tradition, making it the largest major tradition of Buddhism existing today (Statistics on Buddhism). In the course of its history, Mahayana Buddhism spread from India to various other Asian countries such as " China, Japan, Korea, Tibet and Mongolia" (Mahayana Buddhism). The Eastern States Buddhist Temple of America, Inc., founded in 1962, is the oldest Chinese (Mahayana) Buddhist temple on the eastern coast of the United States. It was founded by Mrs. Annie Ying, and funded by her husband Mr. James Ying. The Ying family, originally from China, faced many immigration hardships when coming to the United States. They understood the plight of Chinese immigrants, and sought to make those in the New York area feel at home by making the temple.
In 1947, the quota of allowed Chinese immigrants at that time was only 105 Chinese per year due to the Immigration Act of 1924. After their arrival into the United States, the Ying family tried to settle down in Pasadena, California. Right after World War II, when the United States was not the most hospitable place for Asians and certain other minorities, the Ying family returned to China. They ended up encountering the communist…