The History of Native Americans Essay

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The United States was a new nation in the 18th century when most of the world was divided among the European imperialist governments. Looking right of religion, technology and military power, people from these nations began to claim the land and lock up new worlds of natural resources to meet their needs, that is why some decided to immigrate to the United States seeking freedom and the opportunity for economical improvements; but this search for improvement, among other things, only brought suffering and death to Native American tribes. In the United States, Indian groups were willing to live with the newcomers until relations were strained by the continuing immigration to its territory, loss of resources, diseases and among…show more content…
The main purpose of the treaty, form the American perspective, was to remove the Indian threat to the peaceful westward expansion, and try to destroy its cultures, spiritual, economic, and political traditions by assimilating Native American into American life. The signing of these treaties and the adoption of policies and laws gradually declined sovereignty of indigenous nations. In the 1830’s, Five Indians Nations lived in territories that many Americans thought it might be more profitable for breeding, however, Americans could not do anything, because these tribes had signed treaties with the federal government, which guaranteed them the right to live in their ancestral lands and maintain its sovereignty; and it is not surprising that these notions were not willing to give up their land and to negotiate new treaties. That is why President Andrew Jackson decided that a new federal policy would be necessary to remove the Indians from their lands. This policy was called Removal Act of 1830, and gave the president the right to remove the five nations from their ancestral lands against their will. While Removal Act immediately helped alleviate the "Indian
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