Essay about The History of the North American Free Trade Agreement

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In 1994, three countries formed the world’s largest free trade zone. This free trade zone was called The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). This organization was founded by Canada, the United States, and Mexico. The main goals of the agreement was to strengthen the special bond of friendship and cooperation among each other’s nations; and to create, expand, and secure future market opportunities and business. NAFTA is not lead by one nation, so one country does not make all of the decisions; it is actually a combined effort of Canada, the United States, and Mexico. NAFTA has several headquarters and branches all over Canada, the United States, and Mexico. NAFTA is funded through each of the countries government; this is mainly …show more content…

Bush, and Carlos Salinas. The agreement was finalized in Washington D.C. at the White House.

Next, let’s take a closer look at the mission statement or mandate for this organization. NAFTA was created for many reasons and the organization had many goals. Some of these goals included: to strengthen the special bonds of friendship and cooperation among their nations, to develop and expand world trade, to create an expanded and secure market for the goods produced in Canada, to reduce inefficiency of trade, to establish clear and mutual businesses, to ensure future commercial businesses, to build their respected rights, to enhance the competiveness of global markets, to create new employment opportunities, and to promote sustainable development. These are the goals which will in turn better all of the parties in this organization.

There are several headquarters; for Canada there are headquarters in Montreal, Ottawa, and Toronto, for the United States there are two headquarters in Washington D.C. and another in Peabody, Massachusetts, for Mexico the headquarter is located in Mexico City. The Canadian, American, and Mexican governments are in charge of NAFTA because they are the creators; Canada and the United States have more power over Mexico because they have more trading assets. In other words, NAFTA cannot be controlled by one of the three organizations, because there has to be a mutual agreement.

Currently, NAFTA is

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