The Holiday Of A Holiday

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Holiday Fiasco

When I was eight, my mother took me to an amusement park as part of a three-day vacation trip, called Holiday World. A few things stand out in my memory from that day, such as my first roller-coaster ride and the water park. It was a great day, and I had a lot of fun, but then near the end of that day I was taught a rather important life lesson.

It was the third day of our vacation, and I had a lot of fun. We had ridden several rides such as the Raven, a wooden roller-coaster, and around midday we were finally going to the place I wanted to go from the beginning, the water park. The first few attractions that I noticed were of course the very large and impressive ones, but I had already experienced a rather lengthy wait at the Raven and wanted to have fun right then, so I focused on another rather curious attraction, a wave-pool. A wave pool is a rather long pool, usually fifty feet in length or greater, that has a steadily declining floor made to resemble a beach. The closer you get to the grate/fence where the device that makes the waves exists, the deeper the pool gets ending usually around twelve to fifteen feet.

I was immediately excited, and I wanted to experience what seemed at the time the best pool ever! I begged my mother to let us go there first, and she relented on one condition that I stay within her sight. Now normally this wouldn’t be a problem, but Holiday World was extremely busy that day, and the wave pool

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